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Fashion this spring and summer is just not speaking to me, so, I have refrained from posting anything on my blog. At the least, I can say I like all of the pretty nail polishes out there, such as the bright yellows and greens. I did catch all of the beautiful sandals at the Bay Canada…nice job in expanding the offerings.


Beauty Bloggin………

Tanya Burr

Tanya Burr (

For the past few months I have been learning a lot about beauty and bloggers, both from the States and the UK regarding make up application, products and high street fashions. My favorite UK Youtube personalities are Tanya Burr, Pixiwoo and Patricia Bright. My favorite American is Tati from Glamlifeguru who does fantastic presentations on more affordable products. What is IMATS, I would not have known a few weeks ago, it is an international trade show for make up artists and Youtubers, I just learned that!

British makeup artist Tanya Burr, in my view, appears to be one of the nicest ones out there with her cheery personality and top notch make up techniques. I also enjoy her blog in which she just showcased her recent trip to Greece. Tanya is also associated with Pixiwoo which is made up of two sisters, Sam and Nic, who present professional make up videos. They also have another channel called Daily Mix which involves more fashion people. It might be getting a little out of hand with all these channels as I find it hard to keep track. Patricia Bright moves beyond make up and fashion to give us glimpses of her life with her spouse and their various activities, which is comical. I do like her crisp and fun delivery and life advice for young women. Very positive messages and she does admit to challenges, which on YouTube, one can get carried away that all is rosy everyday in these peoples’ lives.

There are so many bloggers out there on YouTube that my choices are purely personal and subjective and may change next month. All in all, I think what draws people to these channels is not just the make up advice and products, but the personality behind the camera and the lives they lead, whether they are professionals in the beauty business or doing it just for fun.

Lessons I have picked up from watching these videos: you don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive products to get good results, especially with skincare. Simple is best and always use sunscreen. However, that said, more expensive products do have lasting power. MAC may have the best lipsticks and glosses with Revlon and Rimmel meeting the needs of cost conscious shoppers.  MAC, Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier and Estee Lauder have good quality concealers and foundations. Drug store equals are Rimmel, Revlon and Maybelline. Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes come up all the time in everyone’s videos along with MAC. It seems most follow the Kim Kardashian school of makeup for contouring  great cheekbones, it is all in the light and dark application of concealers and foundation. False lashes appear most of the time in these videos. Perhaps, the best all around make up company is MAC for its range of colors and quality.  Cult favorites are NARS and Ben Nye. Last, but not least, prime first and use good brushes such as those from MAC or Real Techniques.  My favorite beauty looks from YouTube are the 1960s cat eye with big hair and the trendy Kim Kardashian look.

I enjoy cruising the aisles of Sephora and do favor Make up for Ever concealers and foundations for special occasions, NARS multiple sticks and Sephora eye shadows.  However, with skincare and hair I tend to stick to dermatologist approved or natural based stuff from the drugstore.  From time to time, I do indulge in medical esthetics and hair salon products, favorites being Vivier Skin and Kerastase.

A mention also to hair! Cutegirls hairstyles kept me entranced for hours with endless braiding styles. What is the waterfall braid, anyone? So many creative people out there, take a look.


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